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Be gentle, but be firm. I like constructive criticism, but I don’t like people being rude and cruel.


» Threadhopping with this character - maybe so? Threadhopping still confuses me a little, but it’s all right with me so long as it doesn’t get too chaotic in my journal. >>;
» Backtagging with this character – yes. I’m very guilty of this. >>; Just… be sure that it doesn’t interfere anywhere else >>; and keep it simple. I confuse easily >>; XD
» Is there anything ought not be mentioned near this character?
Bakura? uhh... not much



AIM: shyryou2009

Yahoo!: adephos817



The account krysimeteri has been renamed to whitewizardboy

You don't have to do anything special since only the named changed. I still have all of my Friends and Communities, just a name change.

Just so you don't get confused if you see a response from someone you don't recognize.


RCA [Phone Text Posted to the Network]

Daisy~ Daisy~
Give me your answer do~
I'm half crazy~
All for the love of you~

when spring going 2 b here? 2 cold. i want flower.

any1 want a cuddle? i soft and squishy. i <3 warmth. :)

Akefia, is it okay if I came home? I don’t like it here. There’s too many people and they keep me up at night! And I miss Ra… And Squalo-san… can I call him Squalo? We lived together for two months. You’d think we could drop that…

Atem-san, can I call you just Atem? We’re friends, right? I don’t want to be so formal anymore. Friends shouldn’t act like you’re interacting with their parents’ friends.

You’re welcome to a free nibble anytime I’m not fainting like a little girl, Seth. You and your yami. Just don’t take too much. Akefia wouldn’t like that. And the bruises would be hard to hide.

Why won’t my roommates talk to me? Am I really that boring? Sure, I was AWOL for a while, but I’m not a bloody ghost. Or an alien from another bloody planet.

I need some tea…

RCA [Private Email to Headmistress Mary]

I was wondering if it was all right if I could stay with Akefia Bakura and Squalo Superbia until the pipes are fixed? It'll offer more room for more students and teachers, I hope.

Thank you for your time.

Bakura Ryou

RCA-An Update

Well, how is everyone today? Doing well, I hope.

It’s been so long since I last posted anything, I really don’t know what to say…

I guess I could welcome the new students and staff to Red Crayon. So, welcome to all of you and a wish that you have a good and wondrous time here.

I’m feeling a lot better now. I was getting over a bout with a nasty illness, so that’s my reason for not being as attentive as I should be… and don’t be surprised if I don’t stay in classes very long… I’m afraid I’m not fully recovered yet…

On a better note, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.  Is everyone excited?

Well, have a good day everyone… see you when I see you.


[ooc: Remember, actions are in italics][And about the game night comment, since no one showed up or asked about it… it’s pretty much over now…it was an optional event anyway >>; Just… pretend random things happened XD unless we are all mean to him and nobody showed up D8]

Well, if I’ve learned anything from my time at RCA, I’ve definitely learned to never let Akefia near the kitchen to cook again. Is this why Squalo-san is usually the one to cook? Good thing I got these new headphones. They really know how to block outside sounds.

On a better note, how is everyone? Doing well, I hope?

It seems there has been an influx of new students. I hope that we can be friends. I’m Bakura Ryou, in case you are wondering. ^^

The game night was fun. I hope that everyone else had a good time… I know that I did…

…Well… I’ve got some homework to finish and I’d thought I drop by and give a small greeting.
See you when I see you. ^^;

And the Action Scene. Woot.Collapse )
Introduction into Monster World
Monster World ExplainedCollapse )

Just let me know here with your name, race, and class you would like to start with. Remember that the ones listed above can be customized. This is your character. Make them your own.
The date is still being decided upon, but I will let everyone know when the date is certain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sign-Up Sheet

Yuugi Mutou-Half-Elf, Beast Tamer

Akefia Bakura-Birdman, Robber

Rebecca Harcourt-Human, Magician.

Houshakuji Renge-Fairy, Illusionist

Arthur Kirkland-Fairy, Magician

Aeris Gainsborough, Fairy, Priest.

Yuffie Kisaragi-Hobbit, Hunter

Luka Megurine- Elf, Poet